Victory V2

Victory V2A compact, elegant mind machine ideal for use before sleeping or learning, useful for short and quick afternoon relax as well.


Mindroid Glasses

DSC_9307A device representing the dawn of new age of mind machines. Cheap, flexible, controlled by the Mindroid application and with effiency more than comparable to classic mind machines. The device uses computing power of Android or PC that makes it both affordable and adaptable.


Mindroid Set

DSC_95691A new generation of mind machines based on combination of moder technology and constantly updated software. The core of the device is a tablet supplemented by light glasses and headphones. Offers unprecedented possibilities.


Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask 3A sleep mask for the Sleep as Android app. It helps you to use up the potential of the app adding new possibilities based on light effects and stimulation. You’ve never slept better!


Gsr Biofeedback

DSC_0672Emotion sensor providing quick and precious results. Useful in various situations


Flex V2 Biofeedback

FlexThis mind machine will learn you to recognize your psychical mode, help to reach higher level of concentration and learn effectively. Ideal to get rid of stress too.

Oximeter StressLocator

sedy pruhledny

Wireless bluetooth oximeter with biofeedback application StressLocator. Measures pulse, frequency of breathing and much more.

StressLocator ear sensor

ear1A cheaper alternative to our oximeter. Not so precise and not wireless, but providing reliable results.



StressLocator Free

strfreeFind out more about your physical and mental condition! The application measures your level of concentration or relaxation, pulse, frequency of breathing and more. Includes exercises, which help you to improve your ability to concentrate.


StressLocator Pro

strproExtended version of the StressLocator application. Using the expert mode provides detail information about  your mental and physical health.


Mind Machine control

mindkontrolConnect light glasses (Mindroid Glasses) to turn your Android device into a fully working and effective mind machine. Easy way to use the advantages of the light therapy!


Emotional Meter Emet

EmetDeveloped for our GSR device. Observe your emotions on Android!



AVS Studio

JAVSEditorAccessory for mind machines Flex and Victory V2. The application enables you to import music or language courses into your device and edit them.


GSR Studio

emocionalni senzor1The application enables you to measure and record your reactions by measuring skin resistance. Designed for Gsr Biofeedback and Flex V2 Biofeedback.


BF Online

ScreenShot239A program designed for Flex V2. Enables you to play audio-visual sessions. By measuring skin resistance and instant evaluation you get a tailor-made session at any given moment.