A mind machine is a device, which utilizes audio-visual stimuli to affect brain-waves, which alters the state of mind of the user. Mind machines usually offer several categories of programs, which differ by the length of emitted waves. The wavelength determines what state of mind the user will be shifted into. Each category contains several programs, so the user can choose the one that has the best results for him. The categories of programs offered in mind machines’ software usually include programs for stress relief and relaxation, programs that support sleep, or programs that increase concentration and help with learning. Some specialised mind machines offer special types of programs, designed to help with therapy of mental illnesses, for example hyperactivity or attention disorders.. These categories and programs differ by the length of the programs, but primarily by the frequency on which the tones are emitted. The frequency of the tone determines on what frequency the user’s brain will operate. – Mind machines (AVS devices) can by categorized by the device type, user target group or control of the process. Device type

  • Device is separate from earphones and glasses and connected by a cable. The oldest concept known since 1980.
  • Compact device. Everything built in the glasses. This concept was introduced with the Victory device in 2009.

Target groups

  • People in stress – the device helps with relaxation and calming down.
  • Children with ADD/ADHD – special programs for increased concentration.
  • Students with learning problems – AVS stimulation can help increase the ability to memorize and extend the period of active learning.

Process control

  • Audio-visual player – majority of devices. The device plays the chosen program for a preset period of time.
  • AVS generator with biofeedback – the device measures biological response (skin response, heart rate, EEG etc.). Based on the feedback, the device
    automatically alters the process of AVS stimulation in order to to reach better results.

Our devices considered as mind machines are Victory V2 and Mindroid Glasses (previously called Flex V2).