for PC: AVS Studio, BfOnline

for Android:Mindroid, Sleep, Emet

Quick break with Flex V2 Multicolor will bring you deep relaxation and unusually refreshing sleep. Affordability of Flex V2 Multicolor is reached by relying on your personal computer – or newly an Android device as well (the application free to download here) – and its computing power. Flex requires connection to your PC or Android via a USB (micro USB) cable; an easy to use application will help you manage the machine. You can download a free session editor, which allows you to create your own sessions and combine them with music. The Flex can be used also as an external glasses for Mindroid application.

Skin conduction biofeedback palm sensor

Skin conduction measurement is one of the most popular forms of biofeedback. It is low cost, easy to use, and its results have a wide variety of utilization. Skin conduction sensors are used by psychologists and therapists, in clinics, hospitals and schools. Now, with our device, you can measure your skin conduction levels in the comfort of your home.

Together, the Flex V2 and the palm sensor form a powerful tool that measures your state of mind and immediately adjusts the audiovisual stimuli for maximal effectiveness of your session.

  • The Flex with Biofeedback provides immediate and long-term improvement of users’ mental state. Regular usage allows users reach the required state of mind faster.
  • The price of this mind machine with biofeedback set is unmatched.
  • Thanks to the finger sensor, the mind machine immediately knows, when the required state of mind is reached and ends the session.
  • When the session is over, the user can view and evaluate the success of the session and compare it with previous sessions with the bundled software.
  • The device is to buy in our eshop.

How does it work?

Mind machines produce frequencies which equal to various states of consciousness, e.g. sleep, relaxation, meditation or focus. Frequencies are delivered to the users’ minds via audiovisual stimuli. The device is easy to use and its beneficial effects are immediate. To improve and maintain user’s ability to control mental state, Flex V2 should be used regularly.

The finger sensor measures your skin conductance. The skin has electric properties that change on the relatively short time scale of seconds and are closely related to psychological processes. These characteristics of skin, known for more than 100 years, have been widely used in research. Changes in electrodermal activity and skin conductance are related to changes in eccrine sweating which are, in turn, related to activity in the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.

Everyone is different

Each of us is and has slightly different needs. When using mind machines, be sensitive to your own needs. Set the lights and the sound to a setting which isn’t either too high or too low for you. Trust your own feelings. Some users find that in order to fall asleep, it is perfectly sufficient to use relaxation. If it is beneficial for you, do not doubt it. Should you feel you need some small adjustment to your favorite session, change the settings in our session editor. It is and easy to use. Take one of our sessions as pattern and experiment with it.

Bundled software

  • Biofeedback Online (BfOnline) – software for playing AVS audiovisual stimuli, which dynamically adapts the stimulation effect to your needs for maximal effectiveness.
  • AVS Studio – software for playing sessions from the standard 52 session library.
  • GSR Studio – software for monitoring of your emotional curve
  • You will also gain access to a server account, where you can revise the history off all your sessions and download more sessions for AVS Studio.
  • All the software is to download here.

Components list

  • Flex V2 Multicolor glasses with USB adapter
  • Skin conduction biofeedback sensor
  • Software (Compatible with Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux)

For more information, see our support page, or the page about the related software.

Important note: To operate properly, this set requires USB connection to a computer and connection to internet