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Thanks to an effective combination of constantly updated applications and modern hardware we're proud to introduce the newest generation of mind machines.

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Classic mind machines usually have several parts including the body, headphones and glasses, cannot be perfectly customized and not on the last place the number of their functions is limited no matter how wide the range of programs is. The efficiency of audiovisual stimulation has been proved and without any doubt it can have very positive impact on the quality of life.


All the pictures are illustrative only. The colour and appearance of the product can differ according to what is offered by our suppliers.

Nowdays, a different approach is required  AVS devices should be as flexible as their users as well as they should be able to follow the technical progress. Internet, data sharing, mobile devices with Android OS, quality light glasses and endless range of possibilities - that is what makes our Superagent an up to date, very effective and adaptable mind machine. The range of possibilities, continuous updating and affordability are unprecedented.

The core of the Superagent is a Lenovo tablet with the Mindroid application installed, the light glasses and headphones. Together, these parts create a mind machine controlled by well known and renowned Mindroid application. It controls the stimulation, cares for updates and provides access to the online program library. The main advantage of this library is that new programs are regularly added by experts.

The glasses are to connect to the tablet via micro USB cable and the device is ready to work anywhere and anytime. The cable is long enough to allow you to sit or lie in the most comfortable way you prefer. Another advantage is, that any headphones you like can be connected, if the delivered model doesn't suit you.

Maybe the most important advantage of the Superagent is the possiblility of keeping the device updated and of adding new programs and functions. Many renowned classic AVS devices with relatively high price offers a large number of various programs, but they cannot guarantee improvement of any of them, while the Mindroid application is still carefully watched and improved.

Another important feature is the fact that many other applications can be used with the set and the tablet especially. With it, you will be able to use for example our well known StressLocataor as well as the apps that haven't been released yet.

Though, you don't have to rely on the ideas of developers only. If you have your own ideas how a multimedial session should look like, you can create it using our AVS Studio program for PC, which is free to download here. If you don't want to do such experiments, the program allows you for example to add music to existing sessions. This program enables you to connect your glasses to PC and to use them as a mind machine, so whatever you create or change via AVS Studio doesn't affect the Mindroid app.

AVS Studio

The Superagent is a unprecedented device developed for everyone who wants to improve his life, make it more valuable, enjoyable and free of all stress. Apart from that it can monitor your sleep and wake you up ready for an action, hlep you to concentrate with our oximeter and biofeedback training, meditate and learn to control your emotions using GSR device. With this, you can become real superagent, always ready and fully focused!

Please note that the oximeter and GSR aren't part of standard delivery. You can add them in the drop-down menu above.

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Technical Parameters:


  • Lenovo TAB (the version depends on current offer)
  • Display 7" (1280 x 800)
  • 1 GB RAM, processor Quad-Core 1.3GHz


  • Multicolor light glasses (16.7 Million colours)
  • Requirements for separate use: Android device with micro USB OTG (USB host), Android OS 3.2 or higher



various types according to current offers


You will get:

  • Glasses with USB and microusb adapter
  • The tablet
  • The headphones
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Users Manual


AVS devices must not be used by people suffering from epilepsy and pregnant women!

The audiovisual stimulation

The colour therapy is based on th fact, that each colour has unique abilities, each colour is better for treating different issue and helps to reach different state. For example:

blue helps you to calm down and relax,
cyan reduces the risk of seizure,
green effectively reduces pain anh helps with meditation,
red increases physical aurosal and energy,
magenta is useful for contemplative meditation and enhancing creativity.

Another important part of the process is frequency of the flashing itself.

The stimulation is supposed to make the brain tune itself into the wished frequency. In general, a brain can wokr in four different frequencies (these can be measured via EEG, the electromagnetic field is generated by nerve cells in brain) . Each frequency supports different kind of activity - and that's why the audiovisual stimulation is used. According to your goals, you choose a program that tunes your brain into the right wave.

Beta (30-13 Hz): If tuned into this wave, the brain is in full readiness and awareness to which unrest, fear and stress can be connected. Attention is paid to what's going on around, looking for potential danger or opportunity.

Alpha (12-8 Hz): Relaxed state in which thoughts can slowly stream through the mind, the person is in positive mode good for learning.

Theta (7-4 Hz): The frequency of sleep and deep meditation, supports lively imagination as well as the ability to learn and remember.

Delta (1-3 Hz): Waves of the deepest, dreamless sleep, very important for healing processes.


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Thanks to an effective combination of constantly updated applications and modern hardware we're proud to introduce the newest generation of mind machines.

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