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Sleep Phaser is a bedside smartlight that monitors your sleep phases and connects to the Sleep as Android app.


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Sleep Phaser

Sleep Phaser is the tricorder for your sleep. It's the thing all the sleep health advocates have been waiting for.

  • It tracks your sleep phases.
  • It's contactless and comfortable. Sleep Phaser sits on your bedside table. No wires. No hardware in your bed.
  • The sensor is passive. No high-energy radio! Monitoring works via passive infrared detection. The main deflector dish stays offline.
  • It's a beautiful reading smartlight.


You need an Android phone to monitor sleep with Sleep Phaser.

With the purchase of this device you will also receive full license of the Sleep as Android app!

Please do not press the passive infrared sensor, it is not a button. It can cause the damage of the lamp when enough power is used. Therefore this damage is not covered by the guarantee.

Why Sleep Phaser?

Compared to other stand-alone sleep tracking solutions, Sleep Phaser is:

  • comfortable and simple to set up (no plastic discs in bed, no special mattress needed, nothing to wear, just a bedside light)
  • inexpensive (less than half the price than some of the competing products)
  • not radio-based (only low-energy Bluetooth is used to connect to your smartphone, whereas the sensor itself is infrared-light-based)
  • beautiful, slim in design

How it's used?

In the evening, you go to bed to digest a few pages of the book you've been reading lately.

At this point, you can either turn on the light directly by a hardware button to get a (hardware-dimmable) white light - or put your phone into a charger to ​start up paused sleep tracking automatically.

When you go to sleep, just turn off the Phaser by the hardware button and sleep tracking will un-pause. In the morning, you'll get woken up in the light sleep phase by a sunrise effect (a light slowly brightening up from 0 (at red colour) to 100% brightness (at orange-white-ish colour).

First usage

The tech behind Sleep Phaser

At the heart of Sleep Phaser is a passive infrared sensor that senses how your body heat changes and in an ideal setting, Sleep Phaser can also detect your breathing rate. Sleep Phaser uses an USB connector for the power supply. 

Sleep Phaser connects to Sleep as Android (full license included with Sleep Phaser) to use its extensive arsenal of features:

  • Smart alarm that wakes you up at the perfect moment
  • Long-term sleep analysis with statistics
  • Cloud app for backup and desktop access to your data
  • Google Fit & Samsung Health integration
  • Automatization via Tasker and IFTTT
  • Dedicated support

And this is how it will look in Sleep as Android:

Breath rate detection

The passive infrared sensor in Sleep Phaser is so sensitive it can measure breathing. In an ideal setting, this translates to a blue line with your breath frequency trend. 

Answers fot the most frequent Questions

  • Plug adapter – You will receive the type of the plug adapter according to the recepient country

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Sleep Phaser

Sleep Phaser


Sleep Phaser is a bedside smartlight that monitors your sleep phases and connects to the Sleep as Android app.


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