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Emet - stress detector

Price $74.00
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Skin conduction measurement is one of the most popular forms of biofeedback. It is low cost, easy to use, and its results have a wide variety of utilization. Skin conduction sensors are used by psychologists and therapists, in clinics, hospitals and schools. Now, with our device, you can measure your skin conduction levels in the comfort of your home.

Flex Biofeedback

Price $169.00
Availability: 18 In Stock

When suffering from high levels of stress, insomnia or difficult life situations, your brain produces abnormal brain waves, which can be monitored by EEG. Sometimes, it is easy to get back to normal, but sometimes it goes on and on.

Mindroid Glasses
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Mindroid Glasses

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Maximize your Mindroid experience with external glasses. Easy, comfortable & effective audiovisual stimulation.

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Sleep Mask for Sleep as Android

Regular price $69.00 Price $65.55 -5%
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A device designed exclusively for the Sleep as Android application. New sleep technology including light sleep mask, fast fall asleep, gentle wake up. Lullaby, lucid dreaming, anti-snoring. In addition, usable as a mind-machine.