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VERSION WITH DISPLAY of the StressLocator Bluetooth oximeter is shipped via Czech Post or UPS

Supported applications


The instrument measures the oxygen saturation SPO2, pulse rate, and pulse intensity PR. These physiological signals for the person being monitored, including oxygen volume wave and transmits to the smartphone or tablet with Android.

Heart variability allows you to monitor your health status and evaluate your sleep quality in the long run.

About The Android Application StressLocator

The StressLocator, which has been developed for almost one year, consists of three main parts: a sensor, which measures pulse waves, a client application for Android, and a server application. These three components allow you to measure mental and physical stress and quickly estimate your current condition. Measurement can be done anywhere where you have your mobile phone with an installed client application. The sensor ensures precise measurement and comfort. The results can be used to plan your activities and thus utilize your potential.

The application with its results is based on a wide range of graphs, precisely calculating your condition. The weakest point is the sensor with which you measure. We strongly recommend purchasing our blue-tooth oximeter sensor. Interpretation of data is based on deep research, study, and analysis of known work in this field.

StressLocator pro tablet

Apart from that, the application offers breathing exercises to improve and train your concentration or relaxation quickly, and new exercises allow you to try classical meditation.

The iPhone Application is slightly different and doesn't contain all the functions, for example, the Save Astronauts game and Meditation exercise.


  • Weight:50 g

  • dimensions: 5.6 x 3.1 x 2.9 cm
  • 2*AAA alkaline batteries, or you can use chargeable battery NiMH

  • optional extras: LCD display
  • Android 4.3 and higher required

version 4.0
BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

Measurement Range
Spo2 : 0 - 100%
Pulse Rate: 25 ~ 250 BPM

Spo2: 1%
Pulse Rate: 1BPM


SPO2 Accuracy : +-2% (70-100%)
No defined (35-70%)
Pulse Rate: +-1% (25-250BPM)

Input Voltage: 3V
Input Current: <40mA

EN865 Calibration specification for pulse oximeters
EN60601-1 Safety for medical equipment
EN60601-1-4 General safety standard

What you get:

  • blue-tooth oximeter sensor for application StressLocator Free and Pro


Working environment, transportation, and storage

1. Normal working conditions

A ) Environment temperature: 5<span >°C ~ 40 °C<span >.

B) Relative humidity: ≤ 80%.

C ) Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa.

2. Storage:

Well-packed oximeters should be stored at a temperature of -40 ~ +70 °C, relative humidity 10%~95%, no corrosive gas, and good ventilation indoor.

Visit this link to download the user's manual.

Data sheet

Supported operation system

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