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New sleep technology including a light sleep mask, fast fall asleep, gentle wake up. Lullaby, lucid dreaming, anti-snoring. In addition, usable as a mind-machine. Now wireless!

Victory Bluetooth

Victory Bluetooth is a successor of the Victory V2 glasses. It was designed especially for the Mindroid app (you can not use it without it). With this app, Victory Bluetooth becomes a fully wireless AVS device! This device contains Bluetooth headphones and a wireless light unit.


Sleep Phaser V2 is a bedside smart light that monitors your sleep phases and connects to the Sleep as an Android app. It tracks your sleep phases. It's contactless and comfortable. Sleep Phaser sits on your bedside table. No wires. No hardware in your bed. The sensor for measuring actigraphy is passive. No high-energy radio! Monitoring works via passive infrared detection. The main deflector dish stays offline.

Mindroid Glasses


The device of modern, elegant design providing the best service with its powerful diodes of 16,7 million colors. The main difference between Mindroid Glasses and the Sleep Mask is in the hygienic aspect. The glasses are easy to clean and safe for use by more users, the mask can be cleaned, but not so perfect, so we recommend it to be used only by a single person.

Sleep Mask


Developed primarily for the Sleep as Android app, these glasses can be used as light glasses for the Mindroid app as well. Diodes of 8 million colors. The main advantages are the multifunctionality and lower price. To use it as light glasses for Mindroid, however, you have to choose "yes" in the drop-down menu above the item price.