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Devices to determine a sleep apnea

For those who would like to find out more about their sleep and especially to make sure whether they suffer from sleep apnea or hypopnea, the Sleep as Android app combined with this measuring device offers the best and most comfortable possibility to perform the necessary measurements.

Alert StressLocator Oximeter NEW!


Alert StressLocator Oximeter is an alternative to Digital Wrist Pulse StressLocator Oximeter with some extra features:

  • it has more comfortable soft foam sensors (there is one spare in the package)
  • there are 2 inteligent alarms - one for SPO2 and the other for heart rate decrease, which will wake you up, when your testing results are beyond the normal range!

Digital Wrist Pulse StressLocator Oximeter

Digital Oximeter

Digital Wrist Pulse Oximeter is a very comfortable solution. Usable with both StressLocator and Sleep as Mindroid apps, this device offers the possibility to perform the measurements and determine, whether you suffer from apnea or hypopnea. Wearing this device does not disturb the sleep and it is very improbable that it would get down during the night thanks to the wrist fixation.