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It stands for Planned and Targeted Audio Visual Stimulation. In most cases, the user puts on headphones and special glasses connected to the device that generates the frequency. In the case of the Victory V2, only glasses are enough, in which everything needed for AVS stimulation is built in. The frequency that the device generates decreases or increases during one program (often also called a session) to tune the brain to the desired target. AVS stimulation can put you to sleep, wake up, relax, but also tune in to learning or develop your imagination.

The frequency that corresponds to, for example, relaxation is taken according to the average person. Therefore, the program may not affect everyone as well. The effect of a session on a single user may also vary due to the time of day or the current mental state. Sometimes we are in a good mood and we perceive and accept stimuli easily, other times the opposite is true. It's the same with AVS stimulation. Sometimes it helps to adjust the pacing intensity, select a new program, or interrupt pacing and resume later. In such situations, focus on your intuition and feel your body sensitively. If you normally use a certain intensity of stimulation and suddenly it seems too strong, reduce it so that it is comfortable again. You should feel safe, comfortable and comfortable throughout the stimulation.