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Beck's scale of depression

It is a very widespread and objective self-assessment scale. It can also be used as a basis for evaluating the possible development of depression in people we know well.

Choose a numerical value corresponding to the characteristic. We will record. We add the values ​​obtained in this way.


0 - I'm not in a sad mood

1 - I feel a little sad, depressed

2 - I'm still sad or depressed and I can't get out of it

3 - I'm so sad or unhappy that I can't take it anymore


0 - I do not look to the future pessimistically or hopelessly

1 - I'm a little worried about the future

2 - I see that I have nothing to look forward to

3 - I see that the future is completely hopeless and cannot improve

Feeling of failure

0 - I have no feeling of any failure in life

1 - I feel that I have had more bad luck and failure in my life than people usually have

2 - if I look back on my life, I see that it is just a series of failures

3 - I see that as a person (father, husband, etc.) I have completely disappointed in my life

Dissatisfaction with the activity

0 - I'm not particularly dissatisfied

1 - I don't enjoy things as much as I used to

2 - I don't enjoy almost anything at all

3 - whatever I do, it does not arouse the slightest pleasure in me


0 - I don't feel guilty

1 - sometimes I feel inferior, worse than others

2 - I have a lasting feeling of guilt

3 - I am controlled by the feeling that I am a completely worthless, evil, guilty person

Hate for yourself

0 - I do not feel disappointed in myself

1 - I was disappointed in myself

2 - I'm quite disgusted with myself

3 - I hate myself

Thoughts of suicide

0 - it never occurs to me that I should do something

1 - I sometimes feel that it would be better not to live

2 - I often think about how to commit suicide

3 - if I had the opportunity, I would take my life

Social isolation

0 - I did not lose interest in people and surroundings

1 - I am a little less interested in the company of people than before

2 - I have lost most of my interest in people and they are indifferent to me

3 - I lost all interest in people and I don't want anything to do with anyone


0 - I can decide in normal situations

1 - sometimes I tend to postpone my decisions

2 - making decisions in common matters makes it difficult for me

3 - I can't decide on anything at all

Custom look

0 - I look the same as before

1 - I'm worried that I look old or unattractive

2 - I feel that my appearance has permanently deteriorated, so I look quite awkward

3 - I feel like I look disgusting or even repulsive

Difficulties at work

0 - work goes by hand as before

1 - I have to force myself when I want to do something

2 - gives me a lot of hard work to do anything

3 - I am not capable of any work


0 - I don't feel more tired than usual

1 - I get tired more easily than before

2 - everything makes me tired

3 - fatigue prevents me from doing anything


0 - I have my usual appetite

1 - I don't have the appetite I used to have

2 - I like to eat much worse now

3 - I have completely lost my appetite

Evaluation of results:

0–8 to 9: Normally, depression does not appear to be present

9-24: Mild to moderate depression

25 and over: Severe depression