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Physical and mental stress is essential for all living organisms. Stress provides reasonable performance for a limited time and for a limited time. So why is stress considered something negative? Psychologists divide stress into eustres, which brings increased motivation, more effective behavior and is therefore evaluated positively. Conversely, distress leads to overload. This is an excessive and often long-term high level of stress, which leads to feelings of anxiety, fear and overload. It is the long-term effects of distress that can lead to a worsening of the mental state and possibly psychosomatic problems. Accelerating the pace of life, the pressure for greater flexibility and less security, makes distress an increasingly widespread phenomenon that cannot be limited by age or social status.

As early as 1975, much of North America's population was long-term anxious. People suffering from long-term anxiety are endangered mentally and physically. It is estimated that stress contributes significantly to up to 80% of the disease.

Morning hustle, long commutes, demanding occupations often causing further stress and insecurity, late return home, screaming children, lack of free time, little sports and exercise in the wild, too much caffeine, sugar and little clean water, bad family relationships or in the workplace. Surely you have found your transgressions against your own health among the options listed.

After a long struggle with anxiety and exposure to long-term excessive stress, a person often falls into depression. According to the founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, depression has become what the common cold is for the body. It is shocking that we live in a prosperous society that our ancestors never dreamed of, and our bodies and souls suffer so much.

In Michael Hutchinson's "Megabrain Report" study, they found that increasing serotonin levels led to better job performance and leadership skills. However, when the dominant male is removed from his position, his serotonin levels drop by 50% and his self-confidence turns to insecurity and anxiety. When a non-dominant male reaches the lead, his serotonin levels increase by 40 to 60%. Sleep, pain perception, self-confidence, a sense of personal control over one's life are improved by increasing serotonin levels. No wonder so many people turn to Prazak, one of the most prescribed drugs in history. However, its function reduces the absorption of serotonin, which increases it. This leads to a reduction in depression, increased self-confidence and feelings of hope.

Long-term stress also affects the pituitary gland, or the palate to produce adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and adrenaline, which leads to faster heartbeat, higher muscle tension and sharper senses ... fighting or running away. This strategy helped our ancestors to survive, but today's survival usually does not require physical activity, after which endorphin would be flushed out, so in our country there is no reduction in adrenaline levels. That is why many people today drink alcohol, use drugs, drugs or gradually develop psychological illnesses.

Illustration story

The psychologist walked around the room as she lectured the audience about stress management. As she raised the glass of water, everyone expected to ask, "Is the glass half empty or half full?" Instead, she smiled and asked people how much they thought the glass weighed. There were many estimates. But she said, "It doesn't matter the actual weight. It depends on how long I hold the glass. If I hold it for a minute, it's no problem. If I hold it for an hour, my arm will hurt. If I held it all day, my arms would Anyway, the glass is still the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the harder it seems. "

Then she continued. "Stress and worries are the same as this glass. Think of them for a moment and nothing will happen. Think of them a little longer and they will start hurting you. And if you deal with them all day, you will feel paralyzed - unable to do anything." It is important not to forget to relieve your stress. Every night, as soon as possible, throw away all your burdens. Do not take them with you all evening until you sleep at night. Remember to put your glass away in time, for example with a psychowalkman.''

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