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Oximeter with Stresslocator app for android

Do you have a problem with concentration at work or in sports? Would you like to improve your learning, but you can't do it as before? This device will help you with that.

The principle of the device is based on the Stresslocator application, which accurately displays heart rate curves, its variability and indicators of your internal balance (simply labeled concentration and relaxation index). Prepare breathing exercises according to your desired level of concentration.

With the Oximeter you get:

  • Better level of concentration and relaxation
  • More accurate determination of cardiac and nerve activity
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Improving the effectiveness of the Psychowalkman
  • he application is free to download

How the oximeter works

If you purchase an application with an oximeter, you will receive a small finger oximeter that will connect to your phone via bluetooth. This will give you accurate data at any time. You may choose to use the camera on your phone, but this rating is not as accurate and the camera produces excessive heat, which can also irritate your finger by moving your finger, which can distort the result.

Server Application for individual users

With this application you can anonymously share your results and create with us a unified map of relaxation and concentration around the world.