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How to choose a psychowalkman

AVS technologies can help significantly improve the quality of your life. An appropriately chosen psychowalkman increases the effectiveness of these technologies, either by making the sessions more pleasant and comfortable, or by being able to adapt the stimulation to your individual needs.

Our very successful Victory V2 psychowalkman is especially popular for its compactness, ensuring comfortable use without cables and the need to connect anything, as well as for easy operation. The number of programs with which the device is equipped is sufficient for the vast majority of users, but the device does not offer any possibility of updating, so the programs are not further modified or supplemented by experts.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with modern technology, the Mindroid application with external glasses is clearly the best choice. It is an application for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, equipped with the Android operating system, which is the brain of the entire system and provides light and sound stimulation. The application is constantly updated and supplemented by experts. Although the user cannot do without cables, as you need to connect your own headphones and glasses to the Android device, the quality of stimulation does not match the much more expensive classic AVS devices, which also consist of several wired parts.

Happy Electronics is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of external glasses for the Mindroid application. There are two variants, Mindorid Glasses and Sleeping Mask.

Both devices allow the user to choose from more than 16 million colors the one that suits him best for light stimulation, but while the glasses have only two LEDs, four are implemented in the mask and their spatial effect improves the effectiveness of the stimulation. If you are looking for an AVS device that could be used by the whole family, Mindroid Glasses that are easy to clean are more suitable for you.

The sleeping mask can also be cleaned, but not very perfectly, because it is made of absorbent material, so for hygienic reasons we do not recommend frequent changing of users. The advantage of this device is not only the mentioned four diodes, but also the fact that it can be used with the Sleep and Android application, and a lower purchase price.

We know that price plays an important role in deciding to buy an AVS device, so we are looking for new, innovative solutions so that we can offer efficient devices at the most affordable prices. One of them is the connection of mobile devices with the Android system with external glasses, which significantly reduces the price of AVS devices and makes this technology available to a wide range of users.