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How to remove the protective foil (tutorial)

Alert StressLocator Oximeter is an alternative to Digital Wrist Pulse StressLocator Oximeter with some extra features:

  • it has more comfortable soft foam sensors (there is one spare in the package)
  • there are 2 intelligent alarms - one for SPO2 and the other for a heart rate decrease, which will wake you up when your testing results are beyond the normal range!

NEW - compatible with project HRV Mind Machine


Alert StressLocator Oximeter is more comfortable and more suitable for long nighttime measurements than Digital Wrist Pulse StressLocator Oximeter. The instrument measures oxygen saturation SPO2, pulse rate, and pulse intensity PR; these physiological signals of the person being monitored include oxygen volume waves and are transmitted to a smartphone or a tablet with Android via Bluetooth. It has a minimalist and exquisite design, comfortable to be worn on the wrist. Pulse waveform and numerical value can be displayed on a colored OLED display.

Nighttime measurements with Sleep as Android app

The device can be used for many purposes, but it is to underline that thanks to its comfortability, this is one of the few oximeters suitable for long measurements, even those of whole sleep time. The advantages are obvious; for example, it allows you to pre-estimate your chances of suffering from sleep apnea (a potentially hazardous sleep disorder characterized by irregularity of breathing), and the alarm wakes you up when a disorder occurs. Furthermore, Alert StressLocator Oximeter is designed to work with the Sleep as Android app, processing data of breathing sent by the oximeter during the night and providing very reliable results. Thanks to this combination, you can reveal the risk of suffering from sleep apnea and prevent it from having serious consequences for you by visiting your doctor in time.

Sleep as Android

The Android application StressLocator

The StressLocator, which has been developed for almost one year, consists of three main parts: a sensor, which measures pulse waves, a client application for Android, and a server application. These three components allow you to measure mental and physical stress and quickly estimate your current condition. Measurement can be done anywhere where you have your mobile phone with an installed client application. The sensor ensures precise measurement and comfort. The results can be used to plan your activities and thus utilize your potential.

The application with its results is based on a wide range of graphs, precisely calculating your condition. The weakest point is the sensor with which you measure. We strongly recommend purchasing our blue-tooth oximeter sensor. Interpretation of data is based on deep research, study, and analysis of known work in this field.

Apart from that, the application offers breathing exercises to quickly improve and train your concentration or relaxation and new exercise, allowing you to try classical meditation.

The iPhone Application is slightly different and doesn't contain all the functions, for example, Save Astronauts game and Meditation exercise.

StressLocator pro tablet

Fun with your results

We thought it would be fun to anonymously share our results and see where are the lowest or highest levels of stress. You can compare it worldwide, but also zoom to cities. We are so curious to see the results and find out which is the best place to live. I hope you are too! Check our maps.

Are you competitive? You can easily get to the world top10! :) Try breathing exercises, improve your mental condition, and score in relaxation or concentration competition. You can repeat the training as many times as you need. You can see the world top10 in your application under the button "Contest." Good luck!

Since November 2014, there's a new challenge for competitive persons: Save Astronauts game, now integrated into the StressLocator app! It's designed especially for Oximeter and controlled only by your will. Are you able to concentrate quickly? Good, then you have a chance to rule the tables! Concentrate as quickly as you can to save the astronauts and achieve the best results. Have fun!

Save Astronauts


Battery: rechargable 700mAH, 3.7V lithium battery

Spo2 Range: 35-100% (Accuracy: ±2% at 80-100%, ±3% at 70-79%)

Pulse Rate: 25-250bpm (Accuracy:±2bpm)

Power Consumption: Less than 60 mA

Resolution: 1% for SPO2 and 1 BPM for Pulse Range

EN865 Calibration specification for pulse oximeters
EN60601-1 Safety for medical equipment
EN60601-1-4 General safety standard

The first use of Alert Stresslocator.

How do I turn off the beeping?

Visit this link to download the user's manual.

Data sheet

Supported operation system
Martina S 03/21/2021

Surprisingly good, accurate and useful

I have been looking for a heart beat monitor compatible with Sleep as Android. I tried using a chest strap but recording was spotty - skin gets too dry during the night, maybe, and the strap is uncomfortable anyway).<br /> <br /> This HR monitor doubles as a precise oxymeter, is well made (very soft materials), has good autonomy (last multiple nights) and is easy to setup and unobtrusive. Pairing with Sleep as Android is easy and the recorded data useful. Also, shipment was very fast.

A. Angevare 06/27/2020

Very nice

With the alert stress locatie oximeter I can really keep an eye on my health ! I have nog explored alle the possibilities yet but allready very enthousiastic

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