Before start

Before startup

Before you start measuring, make sure your oximeter is switched on and the bluetooth transmitter of your android device is activated.

The Oximeter (digital heartbeat measuring device)

It’s a very sensitive device. We recommend you to limit your movement as much as possible during the measurement. Any movement could have a negative impact on the results.


Measurement is being done continuously throughout the whole measuring session. The longer your session is, the more precise your results are.


Don’t forget to set your age, it has impact on the interpretation of measured data.

If you want to have an access to an overview of your long-term results and development, don’t forget to register to our server and get access to the cloud.

Why to use the cloud server:

  • Saves information from each measurement
  • Shows the whole process of measurement
  • Helps to find out in which part of a day you are most effective
  • Monitors long term changes
  • Records and monitors all the indexes in the app
  • Requires internet connection
  • To use the server, a registration is required – see this page

Ways of measurement

There are two ways of measuring, first uses the bluetooth oximeter, the another one a camera lens of your mobile device. We recommend usage of the oximeter, which is more accurate and comfortable. Various smartphones and tablets have various power, some of them can burn your skin while measuring via the camera. If the lens becomes too hot, remove your finger and end the measurement immediately.

Measuring with oximeter

Put your finger inside the device and turn it on using the button on the top. Before running the app, you have to pair the oximeter with your mobile device.

To get most reliable results, don’t move during the measurement.

Using camera lens of Android smartphone/tablet

Press your finger on the lens and start the measurement. Lenses with high performance can cause uncomfortable feeling of burning. If that happens, remove the finger and end the measurement immediately.