for PC: AVS Studio

for Android: Mindroid, Sleep as Android

This device increases the efficiency and allows you to use up full potential of the Sleep as Android app.  For example, the anti-soaring feature is supplemented by anti-soaring light effects. Similarly, there’s a possibility of using a light effect for lucid dreaming. Not less important is the fact that the light stimulation has a great impact on your ability to fall asleep.

The versatility of the device allows it to be used instead of  Glasses in devices such as Flex with Biofeedback or Superagent. Upon request, we will be happy to exchange them for you.

The sleep mask itself is very comfortable, it doesn’t disturb one’s sleep. However, the cellphone cannot be recharged while the mask is connected, unless your device has two micro USB jacks.


  • Sunrise alarm: from low red to full yellow, no need for annoying sound anymore
  • Lullaby with light simulation: stimulates your brain waves for faster fall asleep
  • Lucid dreaming cue: learn to control and remember your dreams
  • Anti-snoring light
  • Comfortable to wear all night
  • Binaural as an experimental method, is not among supported functions


  • Works with Sleep as Android and Mindroid Apps
  • Supports any OTG equipped Android phone or Tablet
  • 4x color LEDs (up to 8 million colours)
  • 100 cm “Y” charging cable and USB connector
  • Dimensions of the mask: max. 22 x 8.3 cm; length of the band 30 cm + 3 cm velcro, length of the cable: 110 cm
  • The device is to buy on our eshop

Sleep Mask 1For more info, see the support page of the product.

For download User’s Manual in English, see the page.