If you are looking for the software for your device, have any troubles running it or you are not sure how to plug all the connectors, go through the support pages related to your device, which you can find below. In case you don’t manage to find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us via email.


Sleep Mask
Sleep Mask 3

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Gsr Biofeedback DSC_0669

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Flex Biofeedback
Flex mind machine


All software is to download here.

AVS Studio

  • AVS Studio enables you to play audio-visual sessions, add music to them or create session of your own.
  • Designed for Flex Biofeedback, Mindroid Glasses and Victory V2.



  • BfOnline enables you to play audio-visual sessions. By measuring skin resistance and instant evaluation you get a tailor-made session at any given moment. In other words, stimulation adjusts to your condition and
    ongoing reaction to the stimulation. The best results are achieved when you want to relax, concentrate or sleep.
  • Designed for Flex V2 Biofeedback


GSR Studio

  • GSR Studio enables you to record emotional reaction by measuring skin resistance
  • Designed for GSR Biofeedback and Flex V2 Biofeedback

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