This is just a small behind-the-scenes story of how we updated the e-shop, actually three e-shops into one. We are a Czech company and so we historically started at a purely Czech e-shop. The original store was on the domain, but we hope that with a different domain it will be a better move to and Well, it wasn’t better and we had to pay for the ads the same as before and no one came here alone. In addition to the production of psychowalkmans and the measurement of skin resistance, we switched to HRV measurement using oximeters and released our first App for mobile phones. After finding out that the world is a slightly larger market than the Czech Republic, we have set up a store directly on our company website Several years passed with three e-shops, and last December we decided that it would like to update the store and it was best to have only one store.

We installed a new shop and dragged products from the old ones and finished translations. It was about three days of work. Then the update button the button appeared to me…

At that moment, the new shop stopped working. It wrote that it runs on a very old php. Well, so we updated the php and what didn't happen, the old shops stopped working, which was worse news. We have reverted the old version of php.

Because the old shops ran with the old PHP and the new shop only with the new one, which I found out by upgrading the php and none shop was running for a few hours.

For the next two days, I restored the new shop from a backup on my computer, so that three days of work wouldn’t be lost. And then came Christmas and a lot of other tasks. Suddenly, was the end of January and we were locked in quarantine with a
positive child, so we prayed that we would survive a possible COVID.

At that time, I finally started the final phase of editing the new shop. It was something
that the Chinese at Aliexpress don’t have to bother with, but entrepreneurs in the EU
do, and that is VAT. Yes, I finally wanted to show all customers the final price with
VAT, depending on where they came from. Most of you are now more from the EU
and you have VAT. The rest of you outside the EU have it without VAT, but sometimes customs officers can catch it for you. Which sometimes means no tax and sometimes no tax, depending on the country and specific tax laws. That's why I will ask customers to enter the country (it automatically goes through the location from the browser) and then they see the prices correctly.

And here we have a new shop. News compared to the previous one are:

  1. It is no longer just the payment in dollars, there is the possibility to pay in dollars, euros or czech crowns.
  2. It is possible to pay by bank transfer, kredit/debit card, paypal or in the Czech Republic also by cash on delivery.
  3. It is possible to send via Czech Post, UPS, or USPS for customers in the USA.

Here is some more technical information. So far, we have used Prestashop and after
analyzing other solutions, such as WooCommerce for wordpress, or I went through
the price lists and options of paid solutions for eshop for sale worldwide and I did not
find a cheaper solution than this. I wrote the module for select country thanks to the
great website, to which I thank and I continue to offer this
module. The module is not currently ready with installation instructions, but if I see
interest from someone. Unfortunately, it can take a few days to get there. I would

appreciate any mention of our small unknown company here in the Czech Republic
that manufactures devices for sleep monitoring, measurement of herds,
psychowalkmans, etc., but this is of course not a condition for creation. You can find
contact information on the website. If you are interested, please use the email.

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