Digital wrist pulse oximeter for StressLocator and Sleep as Android app for comfortable and precise measurement of your pulse waves and blood oxygenation.

Suitable for long nighttime measurements.

Dynamic blood oxygen monitoring assists to assess the severity of sleep apnea.


Digital wrist pulse oximeter is more comfortable and more precise than any finger oximeter.

The instrument measures oxygen saturation SPO2, pulse rate and pulse intensity PR; these physiological signals of the person being monitored include oxygen volume wave and are transmitted to a smartphone or a tablet with Android via bluetooth.

It has minimalist and exquisite design, comfortable to be worn on wrist.

Pulse waveform and numerical value can be displayed on OLED display.

Are you interested in your mental and physical condition? Do you want to take full advantage of your possibilities? Want to control your health?

We’ve created a simple, reliable and affordable way to measure your mental and physical stress. Within two minutes you will find out how you are. You can use StressLocator and its results to plan your activities or to monitor your stress level, fitness and concentration.

The most effective is to use an application with an oximeter that allows accurate and convenient monitoring of your body’s functions. This is not just a collection of data, the application offers the possibility of training and gradual improvement. You can learn to relax or concentrate more quickly and, for example, work more efficiently.

The StressLocator, which has been developed for almost one year, consists of three main parts: a sensor, which measures pulse waves, client application for Android and server application. These three components allow you to measure mental and physical stress and quickly estimate your current condition. Measurement can be done anywhere where you have your mobile phone with installed client application. Sensor ensures precise measurement and comfort. The results can be used to plan your activities and thus utilize your potential.

There’s a new challenge for competitive persons: Save Astronauts game, now integrated into the StressLocator app!

It’s designed specially for Oximeter and controlled only by your will. Are you able to concentrate quickly? Good, then you have a chance to rule the tables! Concentrate as quickly as you can to save the astronauts and achieve the best results. Have fun!

Long-term monitoring of results

If you repeatedly measure a high level of stress, we highly recommend looking for a suitable way to return to balance. Long-term stress, from which we cannot find relief, has a proven negative effect on overall health. Immunity may be impaired and there is a long list of psychosomatic diseases that are caused by prolonged exposure to stress. From our measurements to date, psychowalkman brings quick stress relief even for people who are hardly seeking calmness. We strongly believe that StressLocator and its results will help you live a more balanced life.


Battery: rechargable 3.7V lithium battery

Spo2 Range: 35-99% (Accuracy: ±2% at 70-99%)

Pulse Rate: 30-255bpm (Accuracy:±2% at 30-255bpm )

Power Consumption: Less than 60 mA

Resolution: 1% for SPO2 and 1 BPM for Pulse Range

EN865 Calibration specification for pulse oximeters
EN60601-1 Safety for medical equipment
EN60601-1-4 General safety standard