Bluetooth Sleep Mask is a successor of the Sleep Mask for Sleep as Android, which is one of our most successful products. It is completely wireless! No cables in your bed. This device is now compatible with pretty much every Android phone. Another big benefit of this device is replaceable cloth part of the mask, which can wear out time to time.


Complete device bundle – contains 1pc of Mask board (electronic part of the device) and 1pc of cloth mask

Spare cloth mask – extra spare pieces of cloth mask


  • Sunrise alarm: from low red to full yellow, no need for annoying sound anymore
  • Lullaby with light simulation: stimulates your brain waves for faster fall asleep
  • Lucid dreaming cue: learn to control and remember your dreams
  • Anti-snoring light
  • Comfortable to wear all night
  • A wide range of sessions will help you to relax, energize, meditate, focus, learning, imagine and fall asleep.


  • Works with Sleep as Android and Mindroid Apps for Android
  • Android 4.2 and higher
  • 4x color LEDs (up to 8 million colors)
  • Dimensions of the mask: max. 22 x 8.3 cm; length of the band 30 cm + 3 cm velcro