Sleep Phaser for kids is a special version of Sleep Phaser – a bedside smartlight that monitors your sleep phases and connects to the Sleep as Android app.

For more information about Sleep Phaser click HERE.

Why should you use Sleep Phaser for kids?

– You will find out, how well your children sleep

– You will find out the ration between deep and light sleep

– How your kids breathe. With Sleep Phaser you will be able to detect breathing irregularity and not yet identified problems

Why Sleep Phaser for kids?

  • It’s perfect design fits into every kids room
  • It is practical – it’s a lamp plus you can monitor sleep of your kids and make sure they sleep well
  • You can hang it on a wall or put it on a table etc.
  • It’s sleep inducing light turns off after 30 minutes automatically.
  • Your kids will love it


You need an Android phone to monitor sleep with Sleep Phaser.


With the purchase of this device you will also receive full license of the Sleep as Android app!

How it’s used?

At this point, you can either turn on the light directly by a hardware button to get a (hardware-dimmable) white light – or put your phone into a charger to ​start up paused sleep tracking automatically.

When you go to sleep, just turn off the Phaser by the hardware button and sleep tracking will un-pause. In the morning, you’ll get woken up in the light sleep phase by a sunrise effect (a light slowly brightening up from 0 (at red colour) to 100% brightness (at orange-white-ish colour).

The tech behind Sleep Phaser

At the heart of Sleep Phaser is a passive infrared sensor that senses how your body heat changes and in an ideal setting, Sleep Phaser can also detect your breathing rate. Sleep Phaser uses an USB connector for the power supply.