Sleep Phaser V2

Sleep Phaser V2 is a bedside smartlight that monitors your sleep phases and connects to the Sleep as Android app.

Sleep Phaser V2 is the tricorder for your sleep. It’s the thing all the sleep health advocates have been waiting for.

  • It tracks your sleep phases.
  • It’s contactless and comfortable. Sleep Phaser sits on your bedside table. No wires. No hardware in your bed.
  • The sensor is passive. No high-energy radio! Monitoring works via passive infrared detection. The main deflector dish stays offline.
  • It’s a beautiful reading smartlight.

Sleep Phaser V2 is redesigned compact version of its big brother.

(Dimensions:  Length x Width x Height – 75x75x155 mm)

Why Sleep Phaser?

Compared to other standalone sleep tracking solutions, Sleep Phaser is:

  • comfortable and simple to set up (no plastic discs in bed, no special mattress needed, nothing to wear, just a bedside light)
  • inexpensive (less than half the price of some competitor products)
  • not radio-based (only low-energy Bluetooth is used to connect to your smartphone, whereas the sensor itself is infrared-light-based)
  • it can be powered with charging cable or with AAA bateries (ideal for traveling)

How to control it?

1. Connect your Sleep Phaser to the power supply.

2. The PIR sensor should point approximately to your shoulders. If you are able to see the sensor from your bed, then the sensor is able to “see” you.

3.  It is very simple to control the Phaser – just touch the top of the lamp, it switches between light modes with every touch (white – yellow – red – off)

4. It is set that the Phaser turns off the light after 30 minutes.

We have prepared documentation and source codes for developers to program own application to control your Sleep Phaser.

Available for Android and iOS.

Sleep as Android app

Sleep Phaser connects to Sleep as Android (full license included with Sleep Phaser) to use its extensive arsenal of features:

  • Smart alarm that wakes you up at the perfect moment
  • Long-term sleep analysis with statistics
  • Cloud app for backup and desktop access to your data
  • Google Fit & Samsung Health integration
  • Automatization via Tasker and IFTTT
  • Dedicated support
  • it turns off the light automatically after 30 minutes, when you are using it to fall asleep

Sleep Phaser Remote Control V2

Tool for remote control Sleep Phaser.

* Light on/off

* Set own colours and intensity

Breath rate detection

The passive infrared sensor in Sleep Phaser is so sensitive it can measure breathing. In an ideal setting, this translates to a blue line with your breath frequency trend.