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New generation of mind machines – Victory V2 – offers even more comfort for you as a user. The previous generation brought unique simplicity by integrating all functions into the glasses while the current one improves the already high standards by simplifying its management with a remote control. The session library contains wide range of programs including relaxation, focus, learning, sleep, meditation, creativity and others. Users appreciate compact and plain design of Victory V2 without cables.

Have you ever seen more elegant and efficient mind machine?


  • Smoothly changes colours of 16.7 million colour shades (for all sessions)
  • Remote control enables user to:
    1. select session (display shows number of session)
    2. play session
    3. switch off the machine
    4. increase or decrease volume
    5. increase or decrease intensity
    6. manually change colour
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 90 to 120 minutes. With average length of session about 20 minutes, the battery is sufficient for 4 to 6 sessions.
  • Editor of sessions is available for free. Do you have
    special needs? Victory V2 is able to fulfill them.
  • 52 sessions – relaxation, concentration, learning, sleep, meditation, creativity and others.
  • Embedded mp3 player (and editor) enables you to have your favourite music as a background during session.
  • Glasses and headphones in one body
  • Practical package

You can buy the device here.


  • Integrated light glasses with mp3 player
  • Remote control
  • Adapter 220V
  • USB cable for connection with PC (For upload new session or for charging)
  • English manual

For more information, you can check our support page.