BfOnline Software for Flex with biofeedback

Compatible with: Flex V2 with biofeedback


Start program bfsetup_en_1.33.exe, which you can  download here.

To be able to run the program on, you need to have Java installed. You can download it here.

USB adapter – Flex (PCMM)

After inserting into a USB port, the operating system should detect the device and install drivers. In some cases, the operating system identifies a different device and the glasses appear as “disconnected”. In that case, you can  download the driver here. After installing it, the operating system should recognize the device correctly.

Starting the bfonline software

1. Insert your logging details (received via email) and click on login:

ScreenShot2383. In this menu, set everything required for stimulation. Set light intensity and sound volume.

– When the glasses are connected, the information on tha top says that glasses are connected, instead of glasses are disconnected.


If there are no sounds or music available, you can download them from our server by pressing the button “download”.

To set the correct polarity, check the glasses, if the lights appear to be constantly on, rather than blinking, the polarity is set incorrectly.


On the address below, you can see all your measured results. Your user name and password is the same as for bfonline.