Bio Drive – Manual for testers

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Run the application and click on the Start button.


In the main menu, check if under the Device “without sensor” is chosen. Under “Choice of activity” select the “Dron piloting – BETA”. Nothing else you should change or select, maybe apart from “Current user”, where you can set your nickname or initials.


Start the game by clicking the white-blue arrow in bottom-right corner.

Go through the text and click “Start measurement” (although there won’t be any measurement at all).

Your drone should be on and paired with your Android device. At this point, the application will look for it; once it is found, click on its name and you are able to proceed.

device-2015-10-14-222325First, you have to create the map. Click on “New map”, then take the drone and make pictures of the targets by holding the drone above them and clicking on “Take a photo of xy”.


It can be whatever you like, but three color cartons laid on the ground do the job well enough. The pictures will be loaded to the application and at the end of the game the application compares them with the pictures you make during the game.

When the map is created, return back to the “Start”, out of main menu, and turn the drone on and off.

Then, you can start the game again. You’ll be offered the choice between creating a map and starting the game again, so start the game.


Once you click on “take off”, the timer starts running.

Your goal is to fly the drone above the targets and make pictures of them in the same order as you did creating the map. Once you are done, the application compares bot series of pictures. The more similar they are, the better. Apart from that, you get some penalty for the time needed. The lower score, the better.


Bug reports here:

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