Questions and answers
    • The device generates flashing light. Can I use it with the Mindroid application?
      Yes, the device is usable with both Sleep as Android and Mindroid.
    • What about sweat? Is there a way to clean the Sleep Mask?
      Yes, you can use a wet piece of cloth to clean it. The material absorbs a bit, so you might want to try to somehow wash it, but we cannot recommend that. The water or whatever you use for cleaning must not reach the diodes, there should always be at least 2cm circle of dry space around them, since there’s all the important electronics. On the other had, exactly that space covers your eyes, so it doesn’t touch your skin much.
    • Are there any restrictions?
      Yes, same as for other mind machines. It must not be used by epileptics and it’s not recommended for pregnant women, too.
    • I’m not sure if my cellphone can last whole night with the mask connected. Can I save the battery somehow?
      There is the possibility to let the Mask take power directly from an adapter through the special cable delivered. However, there’s no way to recharge your cellphone while the Mask is connected, the OTG doesn’t allow it even if you use another double-cable. You would need a device with other port to recharge your cellphone during the night.

Getting the special functions of Sleep as Android application work:
  1. connect your Sleep Mask and run the application
  2. in the upper right corner of the Main menu, choose Settings
  3. scroll down and open the Smartlight submenu
  4. Use smartlight and Use Sleep Mask has to be on (the intensity of the light is to set just below)
  5. if you want to use the light effects to be used by Lucid dreaming and Anti-snoring functions, turn them on in the same submenu
  6. Lucid dreaming has to be enabled in the main Settings menu, in its submenu, a preview of the effect is available
  7. once you handle all these settings, the mask and the light effects are ready for you

To use the Sleep Mask as a mind machine, you have to, in general, do basically the same what you are doing when using the device with Sleep as Android. But, instead, you are using the Mindroid application.

The set-up is more or less the same. Connect your Mask to your smartphone through the delivered cable or any USB OTG/micro USB cable. In this case, you should not need an adapter, since the sessions does not take more than a half an hour. Run the Mindroid app, allow it to use an external USB device, if the pop-up window appears, and select the Mask in the settings of the application in order to use it as an external glasses. Then, you can start the session. Remember to keep your eyes closed during it.

If you are not sure, what to do, try to follow our video-guides.

Usage with the apps: