The newest versirelaxenon of the StressLocator application offers a completely new function – meditation. In contrast to the breathing exercises, this one isn’t focused on controlling one’s own mind, body or breath, but it follows traditional methods.

The Meditation is accessible through the “Choice of Activity” menu, you can set the time limit, withing which you want to reach relaxed state of mind, before running it (using the same procedure as for any other activity). After starting the exercise, you have the choice between two ways of meditation (follow your breath or through perception). It’s recommended to read the description of the meditation-exercise and to follow it. The level of relaxation is displayed as a yellow bar by the left side of the screen. The goal is to reach at least 50 and to keep it as long as possible.

The main advantages of this function of StressLocator are simplicity and customization. The user doesn’t have to – and he indeed shouldn’t – constantly watch the indicators on the screen, instead he should focus on his surroundings or close his eyes, depends on the type of meditation. He can rest in the most comfortable possition and listen to music of his choice. All these factors help the body and the mind to relax.

To measure the level of relaxation, one of our sensors is necessary, either the oximetr, or the ear sensor.