First time:

1. Insert the connector in the USB slot of your computer. Your operating system will recognize the device and install the required drivers. This may take a while. Please be patient. If your operating system can’t download the driver automatically, you can download it manually here.

2. The GsrStudio software requires Java. You can download it here.

Note: your anti-virus software may react to both the installation file and the starting file. This is because of the low occurrence of the file. The software is harmless to your computer. Please add an exception to the GsrStudio folder in your anti-virus to avoid any problems.

3. Download the GsrStudio software here, install it and start it.


  1. Install application eMet.
  2. Connect to mobile or tablet using cable USB OTG for your device. (Your device must support OTG)

Using the Skin Response Biofeedback sensor

1. Fix the sensor on your palm or two fingers, as shown in the pictures.

2. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and rest your arm in a comfortable position. During the measuring session, you should move as little as possible, as this can distort your results.

3. During the measuring, you can either just relax, or you can watch your response to different kinds of triggers, either external (e.g. pictures, videos, music), or internal (your own thoughts and imagination).


Using the GsrStudio Software

Please visit the software support section here