Using the GsrStudio Software

The software is to download here.

Compatible with: Skin response biofeedback

1.   After starting the programme, check that your sensor is detected correctly. You should see a green icon in the lower left corner

2.   Click File – New, to create a new session. After creating the the file, the measuring will begin.

3.   When finished, click File – Save as. Your results will be saved for later evaluation and comparison.

Advanced functions:

  • By double-clicking the session window, you open a window for adding notes, e.g. about events that triggered a response in    your measurements.
  • By right-clicking the measuring window, you open a context window which allows you to zoom in or zoom out; save, copy or    print your results; and to change visual properties of the graph
  • You can also zoom in by clicking and dragging right. You zoom out by clicking and dragging left.
  • You can switch the measuring units between ohms and Siemens.
  • Since version 1.33, the median value of your current measuring session is displayed