Session editing software

You can edit programs or add music with the AVS Studio software. You can download the current version here: avsstudio_cs_1.23.exe. The manual for the AVS Studio is available here.

Online session library

With AVS Studio you can use our online session and music library. You can register here:

Frequently asked questions

Question Nr. 1:

Q: When recharging, how can I say that the device is fully recharged? A:

The led light on the mp3 unit is constantly on without blinking. (Warning – before recharging the device, turn off the visual unit)

Question Nr. 2:

Q: The “low battery” light is on, even though the battery is recharged.

A: If the device works and it’s possible to start sessions, the light should turn off after a while. The indicator is purely informative and does not affect the functioning of the device.

Question Nr. 3:

Q: I connected the Victory V2 to my computer as a disk and I accidentally deleted one of the mp3s. What do I do?

A: The solution requires an experienced user. You have to use a file manager, such as Total Commander. First, generate the missing mp3 and import it with AVS Studio. Then, copy all 82 mp3s to your hard drive. Delete all mp3s on Victory V2. In the file manager, sort all sessions alphabetically from Session Nr. 1 to Session Nr. 82. Select all the mp3s and copy them to the device.

Question Nr. 4:

Q: Why can’t I work with Victory V2 as with a hard drive and copy all the sessions there without AVS Studio?

A: The Victory V2 MP3 unit only allows physical sorting of files, not alphabetical. Changing how the files are sorted will make it impossible to select sessions with the visual unit.

Question Nr. 5:

Q: The device is recharged,but I can’t start any session, even after waiting several minutes. The light keeps blinking.

A: For a case like this, Victory V2 has a self-repairing mechanism, which also serves to identify the reason of the problem. Postup: 1. Recharge the device(for at least 30 minutes) 2. Turn on the device 3. On the controller, press the button marked ‘X’ and then the button marked ‘RGB’ – the device will then turn off automatically. 4. Turn on the device again. Don’t press any buttons. 5. The display will show ’00’, after a while ’01’, then ’02’ and finally ’03’. This process can take up to 5 minutes. If the process never reaches ’02’, try again. If the device still doesn’t reach the end of the process, there can be two problems: a/ There is a problem with the MP3 files, they are inconsistent etc. b/ The device is damaged. In that case send it to us for maintanence.

Question Nr .6:

Q: After turning the device on, there is only sound, but no light.

A: First, try to turn up the sound and light on the controller. If light works, but sound doesn’t, check if the lights on the mp3 unit are blinking. If they aren’t blinking, recharge the device.

Question Nr .7:

Q: There is sound in the earphone while the display is blinking.

A: This is normal. The device is searching for the selected session. However, if this is happening longer than 2 minutes, please read question Nr. 5.

Question Nr. 8:

Q: After disconnecting from the recharger, the device doesn’t switch on and turns off automatically.

A: The new version of Victory is protected against being switched on while on the recharger. After disconnecting the device from the recharger, wait for a minute before you switch it on.

Question Nr .9:

Q: How do I recognize that the device is recharged enough?

A: If the recharger works properly, recharging takes about 4 hours. You can tell how recharged the device is from the battery indicator on the display, and also from the intensity of the green LED light. If the value on the display is b1-b3, it’s better to recharge the device.

Service and maintanence:

Slovakia: Hemisféry s. r. o., Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava

Czech Republic: Happy Electronics, s.r.o., Spořilovská 214, 50341 Hradec Králové