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What does our application do?

The HRV Mind Machine application offers a unique combination of audiovisual stimulation and HRV technologies. So far, one of the main problems of Audiovisual Stimulation has been that it has been difficult to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the program of your choice at home. This application allows you to do an accurate HRV analysis of your response to the specific AVS program you have chosen.

Where can I read more about it?

Information about HRV and Mind Machine can be found here:

What do I need for that?

Mobile or tablet with Android or IOS operating system.

Without devices, the application can be used as an audio player for stimulation programs. If you are interested in measuring or using light stimulation, you can use one of the following devices:

Light stimulation:

Sleep Phaser V2

This bluetooth lamp is primarily intended for monitoring sleep using the Sleep As Android application, which can communicate with this lamp. However, it can also be used as a light source for the HRV Mind Machine.

Victory Bluetooth

These glasses contain both a light part and a sound part, and you can use them as a full-fledged compact psychowalkman

Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Comfortable bluetooth psychowalkman, only the light part, it is necessary to use your own headphones for sound stimulation.

HRV measuring devices:

StressLocator Oximeter

Bluetooth oximeter

StressLocator Wrist oximeter

Bluetooth wrist oximeter

StressLocator Alert

Bluetooth oximeter with sleep apnea monitoring

How does it work?

After launching the application, you choose whether to use an oximeter, light stimulation, sound stimulation will always run. In the settings you choose a specific program, the color of stimulation and press start. You can end the program yourself or it will end after the time of the specific program. After the end of the program in case of using an oximeter how your key parameters have changed. Also important is your evaluation of whether something from the surroundings disturbed you and how satisfied you were with the specific program. Everything is stored in your history, where you can choose a program based on the measurements and also your evaluation. In history, it is also possible to view the complete HRV measurements in graphs.

Are you missing a feature there?

Do you already have experience with psychowalkmans and would you like to see a specific one in our application? We will be happy for your suggestions and for voting in our discussion below on the most requested function. We will add them to the application in the order of your choice.

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