Wireless bluetooth pulse oximeter for Android devices and the StressLocator biofeedback Application. Measures much more than just your blood oxygenation and heart rate.Now compatible with Polar H7 and other BLE devices too.


The StressLocator oximeter is connected to your Android device via bluetooth, if you don’t have one, you can use for example our Ear sensor or newly even Polar H7 and other similar BLE equipped devices that can measure HR and RR intervals. The Android device must have either the StressLocator Pro or the StressLocator Free app installed. You can buy the oximeter here. More information on the application is provided on this website.


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The StressLocator Appapp ikona

  • Measure your heart rate quickly and precisely
  • Measure and enhance your concentration and relaxation levels
  • Share your results on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Compare your results with users around the world and compete for a place in the Top 10.


Specifications of Oximeter

Measurement range
SpO2 : 0 – 100%
Pulse Rate: 25 ~ 250 BPM
SpO2 : 1%
Pulse Rate: 1 BPM
SpO2: +-2% (70-100%)
Undefined (35-70%)
Pulse Rate: +-1% (25-250 BPM)
Input voltage: 3V
Input current: <40mA
Temperature Operating 0~45°C
EN865 Calibration specification for pulse oximeters
EN60601-1 Safety for medical equipment
EN60601-1-4 General safety standard